Warum sollten Sie Vaughan als neuen Trainer einstellen? | Die tägliche Stimmung mit Vaughan 029 | VTV Updated for 2022

Warum sollten Sie Vaughan als neuen Trainer einstellen? | Die tägliche Stimmung mit Vaughan 029 | VTV

Updated: September 22, 2022


I am opening up my books and inviting you in for us to work together in 2020. I only ever work with a small selection of clients due to the attention and focus and heart I put into their lives. I would be honoured and privileged to have the opportunity to work with you. Simple complete the big-ass application for FREE here [this thing in and of itself will change your life and adds immense value already] https://www.vaughan.academy/vaughan-coaching-apply [See below for just a few of the previous clients I have helped] PREVIOUS CLIENTS AS DIVERSE AS: …A member of Parliament get re-elected and re-connect to their WHY [confidentiality around the name but you’d know who it is] …Single mom that starts a brand new business from home and finds her calling… …Team of 25 staff increase work motivation and build a better culture… …A string of business owners making more bottom-line money from new business initiatives, product and service additions. CEO’s, executives, home business owners, career professionals, startups, authors, creators and more have been my clients of the past. I’ve spoken on stage with Bob Proctor and I have studied personal development every day since I was 17. I’ve certified 6 coaches and 1 trainer who now runs his own business. …Making more money is the easiest thing I can teach you in coaching BUT the most rewarding is finding your purpose and then LIVING IT OUT LOUD. That is where the true growth and finding your true north matters most. I SPECIALISE IN… Purpose. Finding it and living it with courage [plus how to deal with rejection, failure and fear] Strategy. Developing a strategy around your goals that is possible for you to execute and achieve. Re-invention. Who you are today is NOT sufficient for the goals you seek; you have to make some fundamental self-image changes for success to stick. Business. Going from nothing to your first client, online technology to automate more, work less and create more or increasing your revenue via subscription services is a speciality of mine. Digital. We can talk about building brands online I have a company that I co-founded valued at over 3,000,000euro which specialises in the entrepreneur online space. I have also helped create videos/brands on YouTube with millions of views. Money. How to get paid more especially doing what you love. One of my clients ended up with $600,000,000 under new project management in the property development space working for himself after being fired 6 months earlier. Speaking. If you want to become a seminar leader and speaker I can share my unique ways [which have come from the best speakers in the world including physicality coaching so you also animate your message with your words] HOW COACHING CAN HELP YOU …Shortcut years off your learning curve …Discover your WHY and purpose in life …Create empowering goals which direct you with focus and clarity …Create a tangible strategy to get you to where you want to go ie your income goals, personal goals, health goals, relationship goals and beyond …Learn how to overcome the fear of failure and turn it into fuel for more motivation and courage so you can achieve your desires …Get tools for LIFE so you can deal with adversity, setbacks, obstacles and challenges that are GOING to come your way and how you can CRUSH them …Turn your limiting beliefs into beliefs that serve you rather than hold you in place …Make more money, get more clients, build a brand, write that book, learn to speak, take up that new skill and any other objective you have is where Vaughan can help you I will give you the tools to help you battle life and conquer your struggles WHILST actually achieving REAL RESULTS. We have to move beyond mere dreaming and wishing and work toward turning your life around and ultimately – TURNING YOUR LIFE INTO A MASTERPIECE. Bottom line; I love coaching and I would love to help you. Reach out via PM or the link: https://www.vaughan.academy/vaughan-coaching-apply