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1 Euro Unlimited .COM Domains Registration Guide

How To Get Unlimited
.COM Domains
For Only €0.99 a year!

.COM is The King.

Unless I use content in my own language for my own country (in this case Dutch, The Netherlands) where I prefer to use a cTLD (CountryTopLevelDomain or .NL in my case), for everything else I prefer to use .COM TLD.

.COM is simply the King in The TLD Universe. Trusted and recognized all over the world.

Sure, you can use .XYZ etc. but they already “look” scammy (even if they aren’t).

The downside of .COM

But registering many .com domains, even with low-cost registrars like Namecheap, can be costly.

If you want to use many domains for PBNs, Expired domains etc. 100 Domains cost you $1000 a year or more.

And that’s without hosting!

I got you covered!

Here’s a guide how to get .COM domains for just 0.99 Euro a year (for the first year)… and more!

No, you don’t have to buy anything to get my “bonuses”. They are here in this very post for nada zilch.

I will show you how to get cheap hosting too.

I will show you how to easily find great and available .com domain names for free in just a few clicks.

How to get a free SSL Certificate for your domain.

These bonuses are 100% free and none of these bonuses require the purchase of any product or course, or to sign up for anything.

You can find these bonuses at the end of this post.

The Deal:

I use this method myself for years and it saves me a LOT of money, because I have 500+ domains.

The #1 Accredited Registrar & Hosting Provider Verssio.nl in The Netherlands has a temporary special deal, take advantage of it while it lasts!

FYI I have been with Verssio.nl registrar for 5+ years and I have 500+ domains registered there.

What’s the catch?
There is no catch.
It’s just a way of getting new customers for them.
After one year, you pay the normal price (€9.95 a year).

Are there limitations?
There are no limitations.
You are free to do with the domain as you wish, you don’t need to get a hosting package there or anything.

Do I Get a Controlpanel with the domain name for DNS, NS, A, MX Records etc?
Yes, you get a full controlpanel and you can control everything, add/delete NS, A, MX Records etc.
I will show you exactly how to use this.

Is the controlpanel in English?
Yes, there is an English option, I will show you below how to do it.

Is this registrar legit?
Yes, they exist for 10+ years and they manage more than 600.000 domains.
I have 500+ domains there and several hosting packages for 5+ years.

Can I get support?
Yes, they have a ticketing system and live chat. I explain how to use this at the end of this guide.

So what’s the downside of this price?
Well, they have to save on something. In this case it will be people.

People cost money.

This means, literally everything is automated.

To be more specific:
If you need a full service registrar where they will personally help you to click every button, cook a meal, serve coffee, sweet talk in your ear and order you an Uber while they register and set up a domain for you, then this is not the registrar for you.

They do have support, and I never had any problems with it, but don’t expect First Class Service for Cattle Class prices.

They do however respond to live chat and tickets, don’t worry.

If you’re a complete newbie and you don’t know anything about domains and hosting, this also may not be the registrar for you, because it can get a little technical.
However, you can find anything you need to learn on youtube, this is how I learned 😉


– Yes, the link to the registrar is my affiliate link. I may receive a small commission.

– No, it will not cost you anything extra, in fact I’m sure you will save a lot of money!

– The domain is automatically renewed, but you can turn this option off easily in your dashboard.
I will show you how later in this guide.

– They email statuses about everything. Make sure you look in your spam/junk folder as well if you don’t get any email from them.

Now get these cheap domains before the deal ends:

Step 1:

Install the Free Google Translate Chrome Extension

There is an English option on the website, but for some reason the €0.99 deal doesn’t work in English mode.

Here’s how to work around this.
You will need to use this for many steps, to translate the pages into English (or any other language).

Don’t worry it’s free, and it will translate any page with just one click.

>> Click here to install the Free Google Translate Chrome Extension.

Step 2:

Translate the page to English using the Google Translate Chrome Extension

>> Click here to visit Verssio.nl
(opens in a new tab)

  • then click on the translate icon in the top right
  • click on translate this page
  • select English

(see picture below)


There is an English option at the website (with the English flag)  but DO NOT USE IT!
This is because the €0.99 offer is for some reason not working for the English version of the site.

Step 3:

Check domain name

Now type your domain name you wish to register in the box below BUT DO NOT TYPE the .COM EXTENSION

In this example I want to register the domain name 1EURODOMAINS.COM (but I don’t type the .COM extension!)

and then press the CHECK> button.

(see picture below)

Step 4:

Translate the page again into English using the Google Translate Button at the top right as you did before in step 2.

Now choose the .COM domain you wish to register and click on the add to cart button.

It automatically adds a free domain extension .STORE, but you will probably don’t want this (it’s free the first year, but after one year you will pay), so click the (X) to delete it from the cart.

If you wish, you can view the deals on 179 other domain extensions too, by clicking on the SHOW ALL 179 button (optional)

Step 5 (optional)

Register more domains

If you want to register multiple .COM domains for €0.99 euro, then go to the box where you can type your domain name.

Type the next domain name you wish to register and click the cart button.

Delete the .store extension here too (if you don’t want it).

Step 6

Check your cart

Click on Next Step and double check your domains are there.


Click on TO SETTLE.

Step 7

Register as a customer

Click on the google translate button and translate to English once again.

Now Click on the Register Button.

Click on the google translate button and translate to English again.

Now fill in all your details. You can select your country here too.
Don’t forget to write down your password.

These details will also be used as WHOIS for your domain. If you want to register your domain as anonymous (invisible WHOIS), then you can add this service later.


You will only need to do this ONCE.

Next time you want to register a domain, skip step 7, just login and go to step 9.

When you’re done click on the I Agree to the terms box & ACCOUNT SIGN IN button.



Step 8

How To Login and Change to English

You will see this page:

DO NOT CLICK on the “Go to customer cover button”.

You will receive your login details in your email.

Do this instead:

  • Open a new browser tab
  • go to verssio.nl
  • now you may click on the EN to change the language into English
  • now click on login and enter your email and password you created in step 7.

Step 9

You are now logged in.

As you can see, the language is back to Dutch. But don’t worry.

This time, don’t click on the English Flag!

Translate the page into English the way you learned from Step 2.

Click on the Cart button at the top right, then click on the green order button.

You will now see this screen.

Then click on next step.

Step 10

Once again you will get an overview of your order.

If everything is OK, then click “on To Payment”

Notice your domain is listed for €0.99.

Translate the page again and choose your payment option

Down below are Credit Card and Paypal options.

Now Click on the pay button


Creditcard can take 1 day or more to process, this is normal for first time customers here.

If you want to be sure you get your domain asap, choose the PayPal option, this is direct, for a small fee. (€0.39)

Note 2:

Do NOT enter any discount code, you didn’t get any as the discount is already applied without the need of a discount code.


Step 11

Completion of payment process

You will see a completion screen.

Translate this page to read the info.

Click on the To Customer Panel Button to go to your dashboard.

If you don’t see your domain name there, DON’T WORRY!

If you paid by creditcard, wait until the creditcard payment has been processed.

As said before, this can take 1 day or more for new customers.

Check your email for status updates about the payment.

If your status doesn’t change after 3 days, you may have to contact support.
(at the bottom of this page I show you how you can get support!)

If you paid by PayPal, just wait a few minutes and refresh your dashboard.

Also, check your email for status messages!

Versio sends email about every status change, eg. registered successfully, payment problem, payment completed etc.
Make sure you look in your spam/junkfolders if you can’t find any email from them.


Use the Online Wallet for fast registrations & completion

If you intend to register domains regularly using this method, and you want to use the domain asap every time, the fastest way is to preload the online wallet.

You can preload the online wallet with paypal, credit card etc.

Login to your dashboard, use the google translate to translate into English, and locate the online wallet as shown in the screenshot below:

Preload the online wallet, and next time you register a domain name or order any other service, you can pay with the online wallet and every transaction will be instant and without fees!



Fast Bulk Domain Availability Checking and Ordering

If you want to check the availability of many domains at once, and/or register a whole load of domains at once?

Follow these steps to access a hidden page at versio:

DO NOT insert your domain here or press check domain button!

Instead, click the link underneath the input box that says “Multiple domains +” as shown below.


Now translate the page as usual.

Copy and paste your list of domain names (this time WITH extension, .com, .net. org etc.) and press the Checking Domain Names button.

You will instantly see if the domain is available. If it is already taken, it will show as “busy” and you can “move house” if you own the domain already and want to move it to Versio.

Notice the price here is €0.99 too.

Then click on the Register button to add them to your cart.

Delete the free .store domains (unless you want them) by clicking on the (X).

Then when you are finished, click on the order now button, they will be in your cart and finish the order process as before.

This works great with the online wallet.

After successful payment the domains will be added to your dashboard as usual.


Step 12

Manage your domain

Login to your dashboard and translate the page.

click on domain names and then on Overview.

then click on the arrow to the right of your domainname.

Translate the page again

DNS Management
Here you can change everything you wish.

If you want to manage A records, MX records, redirects, CNAME etc. make sure the DNS CONTROL is ON.


NS (Nameserver) Management
OR you can choose to change the nameserver, for example if  you want to use another host.

Click on the setup nameservers to do this.

Be careful and be sure to know what you’re doing!
All changes to DNS or NS are INSTANT and IRREVERSIBLE.
There will be NO emails asking for confirmation etc.

Propagation for .com domains is fast. The change can be seen in as little as a few minutes! (But they advise to wait for 24hrs for full propagation).

Moving or selling the domain
Press the button to request EPP code.
Copy this code. Go to your new registrar and submit the code or send it to the buyer of your domain.

Domain Lock
This is set to off by default.
You can ask for domain lock if you wish. This is an extra layer of security. Even with the EPP code the domain can’t be transferred unless you authorize unlocking.
Normally this is not necessary, but for high value domains I’d recommend this.

Automatic Renewal
If you don’t want this. click on the slider to set it to UIT.

Please note, if you don’t have enough funds or your payment could not be processed, the domain will expire anyway, but you will get a redemption period. (meaning, you can reclaim your domain for a fee). You will get email notifications about this.


There may be a reason where you want to hide your WHOIS info from a domain.

(recommended for PBN’s, black hat etc.)

You can do this like this:

go to your domain, translate the page.

go to the domain name holder section and click on Holder Management.

Now choose the anonymous option (charge is € 5.00)

Complete the payment process.


You can connect your domain to any hosting package, it doesn’t have to be Versio.
Simply change the NS (nameservers) to the one provided by your hoster.

BUT…They offer a great and cheap hosting deal, but it is somewhat hidden on their salespages.

The trick is to get a reseller package for just €2.99 a month. With this you can quickly and cheaply host up to 25 domains for this one price.
There are of course bigger packages available.

You can easily connect it with your domain from your dashboard in one click. (no need to change dns or ns etc.)

The reseller package comes with free DirectAdmin, free SSL for all your domains, and 1-Click wordpress install.
It’s extremely easy and fast to deploy new sites from here, with or without wordpress.

A reseller package is also recommended if you intend to register a lot of domains, connect them quickly to a hosting package with resources determined by you, for extremely fast deployment.
You can deploy a new website in minutes.

Here’s how to get the cheap reseller packages:
Go to Verssio.nl and click Webhosting at the top of the page and translate it using google translate button.

DO NOT choose any webhosting package 🙂

Go to the bottom right of the page until you find Reseller Proposition like this:
(it is a clickable link!)


Click on this link and you will be presented with a new page, with the reseller options and much better prices and options 🙂

(don’t forget to translate the page using the google translate plugin)

After purchase of your package, a reseller hosting login will be added to your dashboard. Then login to your reseller dashboard, add a hosting package from there, and connect your domain.

(you will also receive email confirmations!)

Now choose your package and enjoy!

You can find your reseller hosting in your dashboard as shown in the picture below:

now click on the magnifying glass to see all options available for your hosting package:


Here you can login to your DirectAdmin control panel using the DirectAdmin login link.

If you need to see the access credentials to DirectAdmin, click on account details>view data link as shown

If for some reason you can’t get access, you can choose to reset the password using the link.

With the reseller package, when you login to DirectAdmin, you will first need to create customer “hosting packages” before you can connect them with your domain.

A domain will be a “user” connected to your domain. So after adding at least 1 hosting package, add a user, connect it to a hosting package and press submit.

Always use your own email address to add a user, then when you added the user, all the details will be emailed to you how to login to your domain hosting package.

(this means you will login to user level).

after this is done, you can go back to your domain options in step 12 and connect the domain to the hosting package.
(choose your reseller package and the user from the list as shown below)


Note 2:
NEVER change the nameservers in the reseller panel… because these nameservers are for internal use only!
In fact, never mess with options if  you don’t know what you are doing.

Either find more info in the faq or ask the live chat or submit a ticket.

All default settings work fine.


For a free SSL certificate (for https://), you will need hosting for your domain.

You can either use a hosting package as I described in this post. or you can connect to your favourite hosting provider (make sure to change the NS (nameservers) to your hosting provider.

For this example I will show you how to do it with the reseller hosting package with DirectAdmin, which is included in the reseller package.

Login to DirectAdmin for your domain, then locate the Advanced Features > SSL Certificates option.

Now click on the buttons/options as shown in the picture from left to right, then click save.

With newly registered domains, this can take a little longer, from 10 minutes up to 24hrs.

If the domain is registered before and connected to a hosting package, it will take 3-10 minutes.

You will receive a message when the certificate is installed in your email!

Do NOT do anything (like doing this procedure again or click any buttons) until you receive the confirmation email.

SSL will be enabled automatically for your domain. There’s no need to renew the SSL Certificate, this is automatic and free.

To check if all is ok and to force SSL, go to domain setup in your DirectAdmin.

Then check the options and save if necessary.


You should now be able to access your domain with https://



Looking for the perfect domain name for your moneysite, PBN, or even for your customers?

Sure, there are some great names, but often they are taken!

Fear not… here is an easy, fast and free solution!

– Go to namemesh.com
(no need to register or pay for anything)

– input your niche or subniche (works best with 2 words)

for example:

internet marketing

dating coach

tree surgeon


then after you found your perfect domain name, come back to this page and register the domain for € 0.99!

You’re welcome!



translate the page into English

Click on Contact Our Support Team at the top

Now go to the bottom right and follow the steps.

if you need to submit a ticket or chat live to an agent, you can type in English, as they also understand English.


I hope you can take advantage of this deal to your heart’s content. I know I have!

I don’t know how long this deal will be valid, so act fast.

If you like my guide, consider reading my story with more tips and tricks about affiliate marketing here and subscribe to my youtube channel.