Tools & Resources

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Welcome to my tools & resources page.

Here you will find essential resources to help you with your passive income journey and already gain an unfair advantage over your competitors.

You need the best tools to help you reach your goal. In my personal opinion, these are the best tools available and I use them myself.




Traffic & Click Tracker. Offer rotator. Perfect for testing offers. Includes demographics.
Free 14 day trial. Click here to check out clickmagic >>

Google / YouTube Ranking Tools

Live Rank Sniper is a 2 in one YouTube AND Google Ranking Tool
You can create up to 100 live events to poke in Google and YouTube to see if the given keyword ranks on Google Page 1 or 2 AND YouTube.
Then you simply upload any video to the live event and you have a video ranking on both Google and YouTube.
Really Ninja stuff! I use it every day.
Click here to check out Live Rank Sniper (includes demo) >>

Money Robot has a cheesy name, but actually it is one of the most powerful SEO & Linkbuilding Tools on the market today. It ranks any website, article. blog or YouTube video simply by creating natural high quality backlinks (from blogger etc). sending social signals, views, likes and shares. It looks very daunting and advanced but it has great support with lots of instruction videos and actually it isnt hard to setup. Get some campaigns going and watch your rankings rise in Google AND YouTube!

You can also buy VPS service for a very fair price (MR uses quite a lot of resources)
MR is also auomatically updated very regularly with the latest features and article builders in popular languages. I also use this tool daily. Also it has great support and a lively closed Facebook Users Group. It does not use spammy backlinks, the rankings stick.

Click here to check out Money Robot >>


Lead Friend

Leadfriend is a fairly new “tool” that grows your Instagram (and Twitter) account naturally.
Many tools automate followers running the risk of banning or losing your account.

Leadfriend uses a team to grow your account naturally. It actually isn’t a tool but a service and they really help you grow your account.

Instagram is imho vastly underrated, it’s engagement is much higher than FB and I highly recommend you creat an Instagram account and start posting, you will be amazed how much engagement you get from “cold” traffic and Leadfriend accelerates that process immensly!

They also have a lively FB group and free eBooks with tips and tricks to help you along.

Click here to check out LeadFriend >>


Dropship Legacy

Dropship Legacy Is the best course I know to start your dropshipping journey with a lively FB group supporting you. Highly recommended!

Click here to check out Dropship Legacy >>