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Benelux Auto Trader is a fully automated passive income system

Yeah…right… Really? Surely this is a scam?

Eric Sminia here.

I swear, the scam gods hate this one…
it’s even impossible to scam you!

Trust me. Been there. Done it.

But I’ve teamed up with some ace
EA (robot)  programmers to cook
this little beauty up for you.

After months of testing, you
now can enjoy passive profits as well.

Enjoy up to 20% monthly revenue
on your investment starting from € 200.

No MLM. No Ponzi. No Matrix.
No Ads to Click or recruiting to do.

Just Fully Transparent Real-Time Passive Profits.

For real bro / bro-ette.

OK, enough of this sales speak… show me some action!

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(Watch the short video below to see the Auto Trader generating profits live)


Not convinced yet?

Here’s the MyFX Performance Report
for the Forex boffins and nice stat lovers.

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(Click on the image below for the latest MyFXBook update)


Still on the fence? Got you covered!
Get profits for FREE for a whole month!

1 Month Free Trial

Enjoy one whole month of profits… absolutely free and with no obligation.
Don’t worry, it’s easy… just enter your info and you will be sent instructions.

Any questions, just hit me up. (details in the email)

We hate scams but also spams. Ain’t gonna happen.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]The Small Print about the free trial
A little boring, but necessary… so please read it for a moment… we’ll both be happier!

After registering your name and email, you’ll be sent to an instructions page where you get steps how to register for a free broker account (don’t worry, it’s real easy stuff) and then you have to deposit a minimum of € 200.

(you need to do this because otherwise how can your money work for you?)

You can deposit and withdraw funds with Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, Wire Transfer, OKPay, PerfectMoney and Bitcoin.

There are no other fees to be paid.

After the registration process is complete (can be all done within a working day), you send us some info about the broker account we need and you will be plugged into the system where you will be enjoying the profits from the system for a whole month (30 days) absolutely free and with no obligation to join after the free trial.

After the free trial you will be asked if you enjoyed your profits (you can withdraw them at any time without our approval or permission) and if you wish to continue.

When the trial is finished and you wish to continue, you may then choose to rent the Auto Trader for 20% of your profits per month up to a maximum of € 100.

You may cancel at any time (but obviously your profits will stop too).

No men in black suits with dark sunglasses and an Italian accent will come to visit you mumbling about sleeping with the fishes and protection money, nor will you find a dead horse head in your bed the next morning.

However, we cannot be held responsible for the effects it will cause to your body and bank account after deciding to stay with us and taking the red pill.

We only want your business if you are happy with the profits and the service, and tell your friends. And your dog.

Any questions you may have you can ask me directly or in the whatsapp group created for the Auto Trader, where the admins will get back to you as soon as possible.
(check the FAQ down below first, though)

Deposits and Withdrawals you can manage yourself without our intervention or approval and you can track the performance of your account in real time.


A Friendly Word Of Warning

The Auto Trader has been rigorously tested for many months and it’s set on a low risk-setting, however that doesn’t mean there is no chance you will lose money.

Never put all your eggs into one basket, and never invest money you cannot afford to lose .

We cannot be held responsible for any losses or ill money management on your behalf.

We will try our best to generate good and safe profits for you. Everyone wins!

If you are unsure, just sign up for the free trial with the minimum deposit and see how it goes. You can always deposit more if you wish.[/text_block]

Frequently Asked Questions

Your burning questions answered here.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” width=”440″]Isn’t this just another pyramid / ponzi / matrix system?
(where the “trusted admins” will run away with my money…)

Not at all! It’s technically impossible to scam you by design.
The system isn’t designed to pay out profits from investors’ deposits.

There is no obligation to refer other people, and all profits that are made you can see real time in your own trading account using the Meta Trader 4 app or desktop version, or in your backoffice.

Most “systems” that have a strong possibility of being a Ponzi scheme or Pyramid scheme offer you a high fixed ROI and no insight in HOW the profits are made. Also the owners and offices are hard to trace, have fake addresses etc.

None of this is applicable here.

What’s the expected ROI?
The return on your investment is approximately 20% a month.

What are the fees?
The monthly rental fee is 20% / month of your monthly profits up to € 100 maximum fee.

In other words: You pay 20% of the profits the auto trader generates for you every month, up to a maximum of € 100.

There are no other (hidden) fees or costs!


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]What is the Benelux Auto Trader and how does it work?
The Benelux Auto Trader is a system designed by Benelux Holding, an experienced team of Forex traders.

They have designed a low-risk automated trading robot (EA) and this has been tested for over a year.


What is the minimum start deposit?
The minimum start deposit is € 200. (cent account).

Remember there’s a FREE 1 month trial!

You can start with a higher deposit if you wish, in that case deposit an amount in multiples of $200, eg. $800, $1200 etc.

Please contact me for advice on which deposit best fits your financial situation.


How can it be 100% scam proof?
You will set up your own broker account under your own name.

The admins will only receive your trading account number and corresponding password, but never your backoffice login and password which you need to deposit and withdraw money.
This is by design.

This way the system is 100% scam proof, because they cannot withdraw any money from your accounts, you can only do that yourself.

Therefore, it is 100% technically impossible for anyone else but you to run away with your hard-earned cash.


How do I withdraw my profits?
Simply login to your backoffice and perform a withdrawal request.


What are the deposit and withdrawal options?
You can use Neteller, Visa & Mastercard, Wire Transfer to your bank, Perfect Money, OKPay, Skrill and Bitcoin.[/text_block]

Don’t take my word for it…
Apply for a 1 month free trial
(and see for yourself)

1 Month Free Trial

Enjoy one whole month of profits… absolutely free and with no obligation.
Don’t worry, it’s easy… just enter your info and you will be sent instructions.

Any questions, just hit me up. (details in the email)

We hate scams but also spams. Ain’t gonna happen.

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You’ve made it to the end!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Still here? It’s over!

The end! Finito. Roll credits.

Go on… scroll up and take the trial… what’s there to lose?

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