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LLP FXMachine is a fully automated system

No MLM. No Ponzi. No Matrix. No Ads to Click.  No Scam. Just Fully Transparent Real-Time Profits.

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Typical real-time / live example of one account.

Don’t worry, it all looks technical but everything is done for you!

Profits shown in these screenshots are real (look at the dates)


Results 24 – 29 Sept 2017

Over 34% ROI

Results 02 – 07 oct 2017

Over 32% ROI

Results 09 – 13 oct 2017

Over 17% ROI

Frequently Asked Questions

Your burning questions answered here.

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Isn’t this just another scammy pyramid / ponzi / matrix system?

(where the “trusted admins” will run away with my money…)

Not at all! It’s technically impossible to scam you by design.

The system isn’t designed to pay out profits from investors’ deposits.

There is no obligation to refer other people, and all profits that are made you can see real time in your own trading account using the Meta Trader 4 app or desktop version, or in your backoffice.


Most “systems” that have a strong possibility of being a Ponzi scheme or Pyramid scheme offer you a high fixed ROI and no insight in HOW the profits are made. Also the owners and offices are hard to trace, have fake addresses etc.

None of this is applicable here.

What’s the expected ROI?

Unfortunately it’s impossible to guarantee any kind of fixed ROI, the market is too volatile for that.

However, I apply a proven strategy to the system as follows:

I place a stoploss on each trade (loss limitation rule) to each trade, amounting to approx. 3-6% of your total balance, and a take profit rule of approx. 9-12% of your total balance.

This means with every losing trade you can lose maximum of 6% of your total balance, and with a winning trade you can win a maximum of 12% of your total balance.


In this case you will make a profit, even if 6 out of 10 trades are losing trades.


In general, my goal would be to get a ROI of 1  – 3% every trading day.

Trading days are Sunday 11pm to Friday 11pm excluding weekends and national holidays.
In a normal month there are 20 trading days.


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What is the LLP FXMachine system and how does it work?

The LLP FXMachine system is designed by me (Eric Sminia) and it’s a combination of the application of a strict strategy of professional trading signals and a trading robot (EA).

The LLP FXMachine Passive Income High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) is a unique investment opportunity but not without risk.

The minimum start deposit is $400 (ex. fees)

You can start with a higher deposit if you wish, in that case deposit an amount in multiples of $400, eg. $800, $1200 etc.

Please contact me for the deposit that best fits your financial situation.

How is it 100% scam proof?

You will set up your own broker account under your own name.
I will only receive your trading account number and corresponding password, but never your backoffice login and password which you need to deposit and withdraw money.

This is by design.

This way the system is 100% scam proof, because I cannot withdraw any money from your accounts, you can only do that yourself.

Therefore, it is 100% technically impossible for me or anyone else to run away with your hard-earned cash.

Take a look at this video from Adam Khoo:

It gives you an insight why the casino ALWAYS wins and how I apply the same method in OUR favour:


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_color=”%235b1414″ top_padding=”20″ bottom_padding=”20″]Download the PDFs below to read full details how the system works with full transparency and have all your questions answered.[/text_block]

Download the PDFs Below For Detailed Info
Terms & Conditions – Setup – How To Join

LLP FXMachine (EN) - 1 - Manual, Terms and Conditions.pdf

LLP FXMachine (EN) – 1 – Manual, Terms and Conditions.pdf

LLP FXMachine (EN) - 2 - Setup Manual.pdf

LLP FXMachine (EN) – 2 – Setup Manual.pdf

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