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  • 1

    Quick Overview

    A Quick overview what FB Optin Gold is.

  • 2

    Intro & Prerequisites

    How to make the best use of this course and things you need (prerequisites)

  • 3

    How It Works

    Short video about how it works and what the results are.

  • 4

    Case study of a successful Facebook Ads 100% converting campaign

    Here I show you how a successful campaign is setup and run.

  • 5

    How to setup YOUR campaign

    Now it’s time to setup your campaign. Complete walkthrough how to do exactly this.

  • 6

    How to import the captured email addresses (leads) into your autoresponder

    Here’s how to import the leads from your Facebook Ads campaign into your autoresponder, the most important (money making 😉 part!

  • 7

    BONUS video: Secret method how to use your ad as a landing page for free!

    In this video I show you how you can use your Facebook Ads as an optin / landingpage in Facebook itself, absolutely free!
    Perfect to send people to from a Facebook post or messenger. Why is this useful? Because the visitor never has to leave Facebook to optin.
    And all of this completely free…

  • 8

    BONUS video: How to Automate this process and build a funnel on autopilot!

    My fellow Dutchman and Internet Marketer Wilco de Kreij has built an awesome tool that connects all the dots and automates the whole process!
    In this video he will show you how it works and how you can really build a completely automated funnel (setup FB ad > import leads into your autoresponder automatically> send follow up emails > $$$)

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Help & Resources

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If you have any questions, connect with me:

Email: [email protected]
Skype: itpshelpdisc
Facebook: Eric Sminia
Instagram: LaptopLifePro

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FB Optin Gold Done-With-You Upgrade

Do you want my personal help?

We will setup your Facebook Lead Ad together!
I will help you set up your Lead Ads using Skype Screenshare or TeamViewer.

It is not Done For You, but Done With You.

Why? Because if you set it up under my guidance, you will know for next time and you can do it yourself!
Of course you can ask any questions you may have.

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Facebook Video Ads Mastery
Are you looking for a good course in Facebook Ads?

I highly recommend my colleague Mario Brown’s Facebook Video Ads Mastery course.

It covers audience selection, facebook pixels too.

Combine this with Lead ads (you can use videos for your lead ads) and you have a powerful combination! Have a look at Facebook Video Ads Mastery now >>

Automate your Facebook Lead Ad Optins!

Oh I LOVE automation!

My fellow internet marketer and Dutchman Wilco de Kreij has designed a tool to completely automate the syncing of the lead ad and your autoresponder, and much more!

It is an awesome tool called ConnectLeads and it will make your life SO much better, easier and you will save a LOT of time as it complements this strategy perfectly!

If you have setup a successful Lead Ads campaign (i.e. you are getting new optins daily) then this tool will create a completely automated funnel / money machine!

I highly recommend it! How it works? Check out ConnectLeads here >>


Do you need help with image creation, lead magnet (PDF) creation, writing, book cover creation, ad copy or just about anything related to that on a budget?

Use one of the talented writers and designers on Fiverr.

Hint: Type your keyword of the work you need done (eg. 3d book cover or facebook ad) and sort by AVG CUSTOMER REVIEW)

Click here to visit Fiverr.

Free stuff:
(yes, I use these myself)
Canva.com – Design practically everything for free, online
Pixabay.comPexels.com – Free, royalty free pictures
Screencast-o-matic Record your screen for Facebook, YouTube etc.[/text_block]