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Use The Hidden Ranking Power of Expired Domains

Expired domains are a GOLDMINE in ranking your website and getting traffic to your money site or affiliate offers.


Because these domains already have a backlink profile, so no need to build backlinks!

Google LOVES aged domains.

An aged domain already has been indexed and ranked for many years on the content.

How to use/monetize the domains?

  • build your own pbns, let the ranking juice flow to your money sites
  • build niche site with aff links
  • sell them / flip them on eg. sedo/flippa
  • many uses….
  • my advice: don’t use to rank clients
  • put 3-5 good (normal) articles on it with pictures, youtube embed, including the front page.
  • use https (SSL), add to statcounter
  • submit index to Google S. Console
  • then… automate publishing content!put loads of content on it, automate the content (let google index 1000s of posts) and see the traffic coming….

the pros of expired domains

  • aged domain already has backlinks!
  • no need to build backlinks
  • index fast/or already indexed in Google
  • build your own ranking PBNs
  • perfect for automation & cheap!
    (register them for the price of a new domain)
  • a HUGE ranking advantage

the cons of expired domains

  • takes time to find/research the best domains
  • not suitable for brand building (you can’t choose your brand name)
  • google may sandbox you if overused
  • some domains fail to index / rank for whatever reason

Good expired domains are hard to find

Let me find the domains for you!

I have years of experience finding the best expired domains that rank.

Every domain is researched and hand picked by me, not a VA or robot.

Every delivered domain name has a clean history and ready to register for direct use.

  • researched by hand by me, not a VA or robot
  • clean history
  • ready for registration and use
  • CF profile no more than +50% or -50%
  • Majestic check

Ranking power explained

Trust Flow and Citation Flow is a measurement of the ranking power of a domain, developed by Majestic.

Every SEO professional uses Majestic to gauge the authority and ranking power of a domain, and to check if it has a healthy and normal backlinking profile.

This used to be Moz, DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority), but now this has shifted to Majestic.

Majestic awards a domain two indicators: Trust Flow and Citation Flow.

Trust Flow is an authority indicator, the higher the number the better, provided the domain is clean.

Citation Flow is the backlink profile relative to the Trust flow.

This number should ideally be 10-20% lower OR higher than the TF score, but never more than 50% plus or minus.


Because a domain with a TF of 14 and a CF of 35 has an abnormal backlinking profile and google will very likely sandbox it, rendering the domain useless…!

My Domain Finding Service

(prices are ex. registration fees)

To be clear, you are paying for my expertise to find the best expired domains for you.

The price does NOT include the registration fee.

At Godaddy etc. you can register the domains from $0.99 to $12.99 usually depending on the extension.

TF 10-14 (medium ranking power)

these are great to build PBNS or sites in low-to medium competition niches, they also work well for local niches as there is less competition there.

1-5: $25/ea

6+ $20/ea


TF 15-19 (medium to high ranking power)

If you need a little more oomph, a better head start, these domains are great value.

1-5: $35/ea
6+: $30/ea

TF 20-25 (high ranking power)

These domains are hard to find and subject to availability, delivery can be longer.

perfect for those harder niches (I use them in the dating and health niche)

1-5: $50/ea
6+: $45/ea

*subject to availability


TF 26+ (very high ranking power)

good, clean, expired domains with a TF of 26 or more are VERY hard to find.

price upon application, but expect to pay $150+ each or more.

with 3-5 of these domains you can build a powerful PBN or affiliate website and crush your competition.

Of course, TF of 50-70-90 are even better, but no chance you will find these in expired domains, they are usually auctioned for 1000s of dollars or more.


I will do my utmost to deliver you the best quality expired domains.

However, the risk of use of these domains is 100% yours.

Ie. how you use the domains and don’t get the expected results.

Google can be unpredictable and may sandbox the domain for unknown reasons.

ONLY order expired domains if you know what you are doing.

The domains themselves won’t make you money, they just give you a HUGE head start in ranking.

It’s up to you to monetize them. I can help you with advice how to monetize.

Of every 10 domains, 1 or 2 may be sandboxed or just not firing with rankings.

I can’t do anything about this, the answer lies in the dungeons of Google.

When you order my service, you automatically accept and are bound by these terms.

Delivery TAT

Depending on volume 24-72 hrs.

How to order:

Send email to [email protected] stating EXACTLY your preference, qty etc.

If in doubt, or you need advice, pm me on skype: itpshelpdisc or on facebook.
(send me an email first)

payment is either by paypal or wire transfer, before delivery.

I prefer by email because then all the correspondence is logged.


I will send you the list of the domain names, but you will have to register them yourself.

Of course, you will need to register them as quickly as possible, I will signal you.

For a small fee I can also register them for you, and transfer them to you later.


I have 100s of clean, pre-registered domains on stock. Ask me for the current list with metrics & pricing.