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Best Work From Home Ideas 2020

Best Work From Home Ideas 2020

The best work from home jobs need talented workers. You can use your work experience and skills to work digitally for these top employers with regular hours and good pay. Here are eight of the best options for 2020:

1. iSoftStone

iSoftStone is a global data solutions and services company with part-time and full-time positions. A few of the services that iSoftStone offers include accessibility compliance, business automation, cloud and application development, and data and analytics.

2. Amazon

In addition to its nationwide physical locations, Amazon has “Virtual Locations” across the globe. You can find open positions in the United States, Costa Rica, and Europe. Multiple positions are entirely remote, but others require you to live in a near a regional office or periodically travel.

3. Aerotek

One of the most time-effective ways to find remote jobs in the “gig economy” is by using online staffing agencies like Aerotek. You’re an independent contractor meaning the work is more likely to be temporary but you can work multiple jobs if a better offer comes along.

4. Kelly Services

Kelly Services is another well-known online staffing service that connects independent contractors with the world’s largest companies. Manager-level positions are available too. Many openings are temporary although some employers will directly hire.

5. Teemwork

One of the quickest ways to work in “big tech” is by joining Teemwork. Large companies like Microsoft and Google hire independent contractors for many remote positions. Here’s the catch—you don’t know what company you’re working for until you receive a job offer.

6. Dell

Dell has multiple openings for remote positions in these sectors: Cloud engineering, Cybersecurity engineer, Data analyst, Legal counsel, Machine learning operations engineer. Several positions are location-dependent. You might spend more time finding remote-ready listings than with other companies as a result.

7. Pitchup

Pitchup is an online booking site for campers and currently needs “remote outbound sales executives” to find new campgrounds and RV parks partners. You onboard different campsites so aspiring campers can use the Pitchup booking portal to make their travel reservations.

8. Kaplan

Educators can teach courses online or tutor virtually at Kaplan. It’s also possible to mentor students as a student success manager for university students or prepare future Kaplan test prep material. Many course areas including accounting, engineering, and real estate currently need part-time instructors.

Täglich bei Amazon im Jahr 2018 bezahlt werden | Jeden Tag online bezahlt werden! (Schritt für Schritt)

Täglich bei Amazon im Jahr 2018 bezahlt werden | Jeden Tag online bezahlt werden! (Schritt für Schritt)


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