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8 Scientifically Proven Tips For More Effective Studying

8 Scientifically Proven Tips For More Effective Studying

Whether you’re in high school, or an adult going back to college, balancing coursework with other responsibilities can be challenging. If you’re teetering on the edge of burnout, here are some study tips that are scientifically proven to help you succeed!

1. Highlight Key Concepts

Looking for the most important information as you read helps you stay engaged with the material. This can help keep your mind from wandering as you read. As you find important details, mark them with a highlighter, or underline them. It can also be effective to jot notes along the edges of the text.

2. Summarize Important Details

Consider using different colors on your paper. Research shows that information presented in color is more memorable than things written in plain type. You could use colored pens or go over your words with highlighters.

3. Create Your Own Flashcards

The great thing about flashcards is that they’re easily portable. Slip them in your bag, so you can pull them out whenever you have a spare minute. This is a fantastic way to squeeze in extra practice time outside of your regularly scheduled study sessions.

4. Improve Recall with Association

Sometimes your brain could use an extra hand to help you hold onto the information that you’re studying. Creating imaginary pictures, crafting word puzzles or doing other mental exercises can help make your material easier to remember.

5. Absorb Information in Smaller Chunks

You divide the 10-digit number into three smaller groups. It’s easier to get these three chunks to stick in your mind than it is to remember the whole thing as a single string of information. You can use this strategy when studying by breaking a list down into smaller parts. Work on memorizing each part as its own group.

6. Make Your Own Study Sheet

Condensing your most important notes onto one page is an excellent way to keep priority information at your fingertips. The more you look over this sheet and read it aloud, the better that you’ll know the material. Furthermore, the act of typing or writing out the information will help you memorize the details. Using different colors or lettering styles can help you picture the information later.

7. Be the Teacher

In fact, you can even recruit a friend, a family member or a study group member to listen to your mini-lesson. Reciting your presentation aloud to someone else will help the details stick in your mind, and your audience may be able to point out gaps in your knowledge.

8. Know When to Call It a Day

Studies show that too much time with your nose in the books can elevate your stress level, which can have a negative effect on your school performance and your personal relationships. Too much studying may also keep you from getting enough exercise. This could lower your bone density or increase your percentage of body fat.

Beherrschen der Kunst des “Rückwärtsgeschäfts” mit CEO 10Pearls

Beherrschen der Kunst des “Rückwärtsgeschäfts” mit CEO 10Pearls


“We started off with literally… mom’s kitchen,” recounts Imran Aftab, Co-founder and CEO of 10Pearls, which has grown into a leading digital transformation company with clients and offices across the globe. As part of our CEO Pakistan series, we sat down with the Saint Patrick’s High School alumnus to talk about his journey from being a high paid executive in corporate America, to coming back (and giving back) to Pakistan. Watch this interview to hear his thoughts on building up a world class brand and his company’s hiring practices (05:48); the importance of reinvesting in the business (02:19) (07:15); Pakistan as a ‘back office’ (09:51); and what the country needs to do more of (11:27). This video has been published in association with 10Pearls. #DigitalTransformation #DigitalEconomy #BusinessLeadership —————– To explore stories on inspiring personalities and professionals, who have left a major impact on our world, visit our website: Or find us on social media: Write to us on [email protected] with any queries regarding our content and opportunities for partnerships.