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6 Ideas For Working Remotely When You Don’t Have A Home Office

6 Ideas For Working Remotely When You Don’t Have A Home Office

When you’re working from home without a traditional home office, it can be difficult to tune out the distractions of daily chores and household needs. Establishing a go-to work zone will help you regain that focus. Not convinced you have the room? Get inspire…

1. Set Up an Office on a Stair Landing

Put an awkward landing space at the turn of a stairwell or top of a staircase to work by situating a desk there. Just select a slim setup so that the “office” is narrow enough that it’s not in the way for anyone trying to pass by.

2. Create a Kitchen Command Center

The kitchen is where all the action happens, so if you’re the cubicle type, this arrangement may not work for you. But if you’re a good multi-tasker—or need an afternoon homework station—this is where it’s at. This kitchen office utilizes dead space across near the fridge, and provides plenty of room to spread out.

3. Move a Desk into the Living Room

There’s a certain advantage in camping out on the periphery of the room: an optimal vantage point, for one, and more privacy. When doing a walk-through of your house, consider any unused nook as a potential home for your office—whether or not it’s in a common area.

4. Set Up Shop Under the Stairs

If you’re truly space-starved, you don’t have the luxury of ignoring any unused square footage. Unless the area under your stairs is necessary for the structural integrity of your home, open the space for an office!

5. Establish an Office in the Entryway

If yours is a busy household with members frequently coming and going, you need some resolve to set up an office in the entryway, as pictured here. But a mudroom, with all of its already-built-in storage, makes a lot of sense

6. Bring a Desk into the Bedroom

It’s not the best idea to work where you sleep, but sometimes there’s no way around it. If you do decide to keep your home office in your bedroom, add storage with doors, so you can shut papers, printers, or other distractions out of sight.

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