Beherrschen der Kunst des “Rückwärtsgeschäfts” mit CEO 10Pearls

Beherrschen der Kunst des “Rückwärtsgeschäfts” mit CEO 10Pearls


“We started off with literally… mom’s kitchen,” recounts Imran Aftab, Co-founder and CEO of 10Pearls, which has grown into a leading digital transformation company with clients and offices across the globe. As part of our CEO Pakistan series, we sat down with the Saint Patrick’s High School alumnus to talk about his journey from being a high paid executive in corporate America, to coming back (and giving back) to Pakistan. Watch this interview to hear his thoughts on building up a world class brand and his company’s hiring practices (05:48); the importance of reinvesting in the business (02:19) (07:15); Pakistan as a ‘back office’ (09:51); and what the country needs to do more of (11:27). This video has been published in association with 10Pearls. #DigitalTransformation #DigitalEconomy #BusinessLeadership —————– To explore stories on inspiring personalities and professionals, who have left a major impact on our world, visit our website: Or find us on social media: Write to us on [email protected] with any queries regarding our content and opportunities for partnerships.

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