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ETSY: Best Keyword Research Tool For Etsy – Increase Sales – Keyword Research

Etsy Keyword Tool


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Are you looking to increase sales on Etsy?

Gain an unfair advantage on your competitors by using a special keyword research tool for Etsy

Find an unlimited number of relevant keyword search terms directly from Etsy search

Gain more views and sales by increasing the number of relevant keyword search terms for any type of Etsy listing

Increase search ranking with more popular keywords than other Etsy sellers

Etsy Keyword Optimization

Use the Swiss Army Knife of keyword tools for Etsy: Keyword Atlas.

KeyWord Atlas is excellent at finding long tail and niche keywords for any handmade and craft products for Etsy.

With this tool you can find low competition, most trending and sought after products and keywords for Etsy that your competitors don’t know about.

best keyword research tool for etsy 3

Etsy Keyword Generator and Keyword Tips

KeyWord Atlas comes with step by step training videos and support

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[STRATEGY] How to Grow a Facebook Group From 0 to 35000 Members in less than 12 months

Why You Should Grow a Facebook group… and earn commissions daily!


Here’s a simple, Step-by-Step strategy to grow a Facebook group in a competitive niche from zero to 35K members using only organic trafficand how to monetize it.

I am not using any form of paid advertising. No Facebook ads, no Google ads.

This method will show you how to grow your group fast & easy using completely organic traffic methods.

(= users typing in search keywords in google and facebook and find your website and group in those search results.)


Before we start, here’s some proof.


Proof 1: Facebook group growth
(notice the snowball effect once Facebook starts promoting the group more and more?)

how to grow a facebook group proof 1


Proof 2:  Highly Targeted Traffic to your website from the facebook group

Proof 3: Monetize your facebook group and get daily commissions


This is just one monetization method of course.

You can also send the traffic to any offer you like, or to your own products, services,  Clickbank offers, Ecom store etc.

Step 1: Set up your facebook group

You can find plenty of videos on YouTube how to setup a facebook group, this isn’t a tutorial how to set it up.

Make sure it is niche relevant, and include a nice fb group header, description etc.

If you are not sure how to do this, just look at how other groups have done it. (look at their group header picture, descriptions etc.)

I would recommend the following settings:

  • set your group to private
  • do not set member questions
    (this means they have to answer questions before they can join)
  • set auto approve to ON (you can change this setting later)

Step 2: Get a domain name and hosting

You will need a niche relevant domain name to build a website with later on.

Include this domain name in your group description etc.

Don’t build the website yet, just register the domain name.

My advice would be to use a .com for worldwide/english, or use a local TLD if it’s in another language.


Check your domain name here:

You will learn how to set up the website and get traffic in step 4.


Step 3: Fast & Easy Keyword research

You will need a set of keywords that your audience will be looking for – right now- in your niche.

The best way to do this is find trending keywords.

This means keywords that users are actually are looking for right now.

How to find these keywords?

I use a keyword tool called KeyWord Atlas.

Why use KeyWord Atlas and not another keyword tool?

This tool finds keywords you won’t find in other tools (such as keyword planner), because it gets most trending keywords not only from Google, but also from 21 other sources like YouTube, Amazon, Yahoo etc. all at the same time.

Not only that, but with my little hack you only use the hottest and trending keywords that users are searching for right now, regardless of keyword volume.

Keyword volume and PPC price is completely irrelevant in this case.


keyword atlas keyword sources

KeyWord Atlas Review & Tutorial

I highly recommend watching my full review & tutorial of KeyWord Atlas if you want to know more about this amazing tool and how it works.

Check out KeyWord Atlas Here >>


How to use Keyword Atlas for your Facebook Group

Just type in the most broad keyword for your niche/group.

E.g. if you have an online dating group, just type in: online dating

Then hit search.

When the search has finished, sort the keywords by clicking on the position score tab, so that the highest number is at the top.

The reason why you should do this, as these are the most searched for keywords based on the weighted score of all your selected keywords sources put together.


Search volume is irrelevant.

Then select 20-40 keywords from the top and copy these, paste them into a text file for later use.

keyword atlas position score and copy the keywords

Step 4: Getting new members to join your Facebook Group

The whole point of your new facebook group is to get traffic to your group and ask them to join.

The most difficult part is getting interested people to your group (= getting traffic).

At the start it will be slow, because your Facebook group is new.

Thankfully, when your group starts to grow, Facebook will promote your group more and more in their own search algorithm so it will have a snowball effect.

How to get traffic to your group

Method 1: Use Yive

Yive (Your Instant Video Empire)is a tool where you can create videos around your topic/niche completely automated, and drive traffic to your facebook group.

If you don’t know what Yive is, check out my review & tutorial below.

Yive Review & Tutorial

Check out Yive here >>


How to use Yive to get traffic to your Facebook Group

Setup or buy gmail accounts

import them into Yive

Get your keyword list you created in step 3.

Use these keywords as seed keywords to create videos in Yive

You don’t have to create a single video yourself!
Yive will create and publish all the videos for you on your channel 🙂

Use one of the methods shown in the tutorial videos in your Yive Dashboard to let Yive create and publish these videos.

(for example: the keyword + spintax method)

Don’t forget:

  • Make sure to include the url of your facebook group and website in the description of all your videos
  • Make sure to promote your facebook group on your website everywhere

Method 2: Use YTEvolution

YT Evolution is a tool that converts ANY YouTube videos into DFY monetized niche blogs that search engines love for multiple hands-free income streams.

Quickly monetize single or multiple videos from any YouTube playlist or channel with 100% free traffic.

This means:

You setup a simple wordpress website, and let the YTEvolution plugin auto populate it with videos content around your niche.

Use the domain name you registered in step one.

You don’t need a theme, this is all included in YTEvolution.

Make sure to add the website to google search console with a sitemap, so it can be indexed.

Check out YTEvolution here >>

ytevolution review and demo

Of course, you can also turn your own YouTube channel into a done for you site.

YT Evolution Review and Demo

Chris (the creator of this plugin) has made excellent demo videos explaining what this plugin does and how to use it here >

Check out YTEvolution here >>


Of course you can also use both methods 🙂

Step 5: Extra Promotion of your group

Of course, the traffic methods I described will work, but will take a little time to gain traction.

In the mean time you can help the Facebook algorithm promote your group with these tips:

  • make sure you promote/share your group whenever possible, but don’t spam
  • make sure you post useful and relevant content in your group every day
  • make sure you engage with your group and help users with questions
  • make sure you use the “let’s welcome new members” feature in the members section to welcome your new members daily
  • make sure you ALWAYS use your website name EVERYWHERE (call to action to send the members to your website)

Step 6: Monetize your group

Now the fun part starts.

Make sure you send the traffic from your group to ONE landing page, where you give useful and relevant info which is congruent with your group.


If you have an online dating group, send them to a page with online dating offers, online dating sites, clickbank dating guides etc.

You can also offer your own products and services, or even use it for your clients etc.

Bonus tip 1

Do NOT give up.

Especially in the beginning, it will take time to gain momentum.

The traffic methods described in step 4 is EXACTLY how I drive traffic to my group.

Once your group starts getting traction and gain more members, the facebook algorithm will show it to more and more eyeballs.

Check my screenshot of the group growth at the top of this article to see a typical growth curve.

In the beginning I was just getting a few new members a day.

Now, a year later, I am getting 500 new members a day or more!

Once you start to get a little traction, all you need to do is post regularly in the group (I post once a day) and then the facebook algorithm will take over.

Posting regularly is important, because it’s a signal to facebook that your group (and its admin) is active.

Also make sure to like the posts that your members submit, and engage with them on occasion.

Bonus tip 2

Build an email list!

This way, whatever happens to your group or traffic methods, you will always have your email list as an asset!

And you can send new offers to your members on a regular basis, post this offer in your group and email this to your list.

I use Aweber for mine.

Good luck!