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WP LinkShield Cloaker Review. Why I think you can’t be without it

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WP LinkShield Review: The King of Cloakers

I have tried many ways of inserting my affiliate links into Facebook posts, Google AdWords ads, Bing, YouTube descriptions etc.

Many use services like however they are now recognised and scanned by Facebook and Google, and they will ban your link or your campaign will be disapproved if they can work out if there’s an affiliate link behind them.
That’s why you need a link cloaker, it’s a must have tool for any serious affliate marketer to have in his armoury.
WP Link Shield The Ultimate Link Cloaker
I have used Pretty Link in the past, and it’s the best free cloaker imho. However, now I have come across a cloaker that’s even better, because it let’s you cloak really as if the affiliate link is part of your website, it doesn’t break the mobile responsiveness of the link and it is not noticed by Facebook (ads) and AdWords, meaning you can now finally post affiliate links safely with WP LinkShield.

I said enough really, I have switched to WP LinkShield and I am very satisfied. It’s not a free cloaker but it is a one time payment (it’s a WordPress plugin) and you get a ton of bonuses too.

All the links on this site are made with the tool.

I would suggest you have a look at the tool right now, even if you already have a cloaker. This will be the one you will ever need. Until Facebook and AdWords find out about it, of course 🙂