How To Make Money Online and Build Your Dream Life?

Earn Your Income Online Using Automation?

I LOVE Automation.

I am very lazy. I love to receive commissions when I sleep, when I nap, when I am eating, when I am with my kids, my family etc.

Commissions may be small, but if you have several websites, it can soon add up to a life sustainable income.

Don’t get me wrong. It STILL takes time to learn the tools, set everything up and take action.

Keep building every day. Publish content on your websites. Publish YouTube videos.

The tools themselves won’t make money for you, you still have to put in the work to set everything up.

Dedicate yourself. Focus on a mission and goal. Set yourself a target. Eliminate distractions as much as possible. Switch off the sounds on your phone.

You don’t have time? Everyone has the same 24hrs in a day. YOU choose how to spend it. Watch less netflix or TV, don’t go to parties.

If you REALLY want something… then MAKE time. Others did it… so can you.

Focus on your goal and build your lazy empire every single day. Learn the skills needed to reach this goal.

These are commissions from one of my websites, completely automated.


Do you want automatic payments like this every week?

This is my emailbox.

ClickBank University

Technically this is not a tool…. but a whole course taught by Clickbank.

What better to study how to market Clickbank Products… with Clickbank lol.

Be sure to be dedicated and follow their system.

It’s not called University for nothing, you really have to study and perform the tasks.

They teach you listbuilding, generating traffic, generating bridge pages etc etc.

I have taken nuggets from this system to build my own recipe.

Yes, build your own recipe. Keep trying and testing. If you do what everything else does, you get results that everyone else gets (zero…)

This course is a great start. It teaches you everyting you need on every platform, WordPress, Youtube, Facebook, List building and of course Clickbank 🙂

Have a look at ClickBank University

Use Expired Domains for maximum ranking power

Do You Know The Hidden Ranking Power of Expired Domains?

Expired domains are a GOLDMINE in ranking your website and getting traffic to your money site or affiliate offers.


Because these domains already have a backlink profile, so no need to build backlinks!

Google LOVES aged domains.

An aged domain already has been indexed and ranked for many years on the content, and already has TONS of backlinks pointing to it.

Use the best tools for automation

Be done with tediously writing articles, creating and publishing youtube videos.

Use automation!

Here is a list of tools I actually use every day to automate a lot of stuff.

With Automation you can scale the shit out of your little empire.

Some of the products and services here are free, have a free trial, some are paid or you have to pay to use premium features.

Also, I have listed training courses that I used myself to create my own recipe for affiliate marketing.

Just don’t do what everyone else does, or you will get the results that everyone else gets (zero… or almost zero).

Use the tools to find an unique angle to your marketing. Keep trying and testing until it works. Then scale the heck out of it.

Affiliate disclaimer:

Some of these links are affiliate links. This means I get a small compensation if you buy any of the products.

I have spent loads of time using these products and I recommend them personally.

You can check them out and if you decide to buy, it will be of no extra cost to you.


Do NOT use these tools to build a brand. If you truly want to build out a community, do everything yourself.

These tools allow you to produce a shitload of content, but obviously the quality will be questionable.

So, take the brand building route… or take the lazy route… like me lol.

Lumen 5 Free Online Video Creator

Lumen 5 is a great online video creator. I have made 100s of videos with it, even the free version.

It has a free part and a premium part, but to start you can use the free version, just edit out the outro when you finish.

Just put some text, use the royalty free images and videos, edit it a bit and away you go.

You can create a video in minutes.

Check out my free Lumen5 tutorial video here >>

Check out Lumen5 >

Content Samurai Video Creator

Content Samurai has been around for a while and it is a slick online video creator, that produces the best quality videos if you don’t record them yourself.

The difference with the other creators is that this is a premium creator and you can use these videos for your clients as well, the quality is really good.

You can also use them for brand building.

I’d recommend this if you are serious about creating quality videos, but it is less useful for spitting out loads of videos.

However you can use it to create a beautiful base video and then use this video many times over.

It’s a paid tool, but there’s a 7 day free trial so you can decide yourself if it’s a good fit or not.

Check out Content Samurai >

Facebook Automation

Don’t you HATE having to post regularly on facebook?

Me too.

Well, this nifty little tool finds fresh content, videos and images for you and posts them for you completely on autopilot.

Cheap, easy and fast to setup.

It’s called Viral Reach.

Just do some setup and you’re done. It posts for you as much as you want.

I use it every day and my posts get engagement and traffic.

Don’t use it for a real brand page though!

I have a real brand page, and several “side” pages, I use the side pages for Viral Reach.

This way, if anything happens to your side page (maybe a FB ban or whatever), your main brand page will not be affected.

Also don’t go too wild with this tool or you will risk FB jail.

Have a look at Viral Reach >

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a MUST to uncover the right keywords to target with your affiliate marketing.

Don’t just use the Google Keyword Planner, everyone else does that too… and gets results that everyone else gets lol.

Google Trends

I use the free Google Trends a LOT to discover trending products and services around a given topic, like diet or fishing.

Just type in your seed keyword and look what’s trending in the suggestions on the right hand side.

The best chance of success in affiliate marketing is if you are promoting a product in a HOT trend, like CBD Oil, Keto etc.
(yes… I am already successful in those markets…)

Go to Google Trends >


Ubersuggest is so much more than a keyword tool, you can do complete market research with it, even competitor research.

Best of all, it’s completely free and Neil Patel (he is the owner, check him out!) adds new features on a regular basis.

Go to Ubersuggest >

KeyWord Researcher

I use this tool regularly to siphon every available keyword variation using Google Suggest.

The tool is well made and polished, the programmer is a real nerd and it is great for content research too.

Use this tool after you found some trends…. just put in the trending keywords and let this tool find all the variations.

This tool is great to use with the Organic Traffic Platform (see below!) to generate 100s or 1000s of keyword variations on your topic.

Or to use as Video titles with the youtube video creator (see above.

Check out keyword researcher >>


Great quick and dirty FREE method to find out what kind of questions people are typing into google about a given keyword.

Just insert your broad keyword (like personal loan) and away you go.

If you want to find out nearly ALL variations of questions, use the keyword researcher tool above.

Go to AnswerThePublic now >>

Content Creation

This is where a lot of people waste time. Write stupid articles that disappear in the sea of blogs, don’t rank, and don’t make you money.

Most people think they write a few articles, think they rank in google and rake in the cash.

Well… you and 100’s of millions of people want the same.

I use these tools to have content created for me 24/7/365. It may not be perfect, but it’s a numbers game people.

Who do you think will win? A guy who writes 3 blog articles a week or a guy who spits out 100s or even 1000s a day using automation?

What are the chances that 1000 articles a day will rank? A much higher chance than 1…. geddit?

Organic Traffic Platform

This EXTREMELY POWERFUL tool creates ready made SEO ranking content and either static HTML webpages or WordPress posts completely on autopilot.

It has a learning curve, you really need to spend time learning the tool.

It will be worth it! IMHO this is the holy grail of mass content creation that ranks.

I rank 1000s of pages with this tool…. just throw 1000s of pages at Google and be sure some will stick.

ONLY buy this tool if you are SERIOUS about automated content creation.

It has a lively discord discussion group with lots of tips.

If I am ruthlessly honest… this tool is not really suited for beginners, but if you dedicate yourself, you can learn it.

Once you learn how to use it, you can spit out content like a machine… 100s… 1000s a day… completely automated.

It needs a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to run. There is a 5 day trial package available for the tool.

I suggest you use expired domains for maximum ranking power.

Check out the Organic Traffic Platform >

Newsomatic WordPress Content generator

I use this cheap WordPress plugin to generate fresh content for your blog every single day, completely on autopilot!

Have a look at Newsomatic >

Bonus Tools

More tools I use for maximum automation.

Pinflux Pinterest Automation

If you are a pinterest user, Pinflux generates pins completely on autopilot for you on a given keyword, in a drip feed fashion.
Don’t underestimate the power of Pinterest…. it is often overlooked!

Have a look at Pinflux >


Be sure to build an email list to send regular emails. Just like I do on this site lol.


Free Automation tool to automate many things


Lots of online text manipulation tools all in one place. Free to use, but it hase a usage limit.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console can reveal lots of useful data about your website!
Research the clicks, pages and keywords.

Also make sure you submit your sitemap.


Statcounter is a free traffic monitoring tool.
Essential for researching your traffic!