Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?


I am Eric Sminia, affiliate marketer.

I earn my income 100% online.

And so can you!

(let me show you how… keep reading)

Why You Should Start With Affiliate Marketing?

I am fascinated by (semi) automated generation of income using nothing but your laptop and a wifi connection.

I have been registering domain names and designing websites (with Netscape and Frontpage… remember that 😉 since 1994.

IMHO Affiliate marketing is the best online earning biz op.

  • no products or services to buy or sell or create
  • no clients needed
  • no sales calls
  • no cold calling
  • no boss
  • no 9-5
  • no MLM
  • work anywhere you want
  • 24/7/365 commissions

Affiliate Marketing is Easy (well… sort of)

Just write a blog or create a YouTube channel (or both) and start creating content and give value to the world.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Recommend services and products to your audience, and when they buy such a product or service, you will receive a commission at no extra cost to your audience.

A win-win situation…it’s a simple as that!

Now… if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.

There’s no such thing as push button money or 6 figure income in just a few days or weeks.

It does take effort, focus and perseverance.

My Affiliate Marketing Results


I talk the talk… but do I walk the walk?

None of the following screenshots are photoshopped… and yes they are all mine.

Zoom in if it is unclear.

Let me help you to earn money with affiliate marketing

Start small. Forget about 6 figures for now.

Get your 1 figure commission in first 🙂

Read on and I will give you tips, strategies and helpful tools that will make your make money online journey easier and faster.

Now it’s your turn to make money online!

Use my recommended courses and tools below to make your online money making dream a reality.

Tools are wonderful, but if you don’t have a plan…and if you don’t take deliberate and focused action, nothing will happen.

Most affiliate marketers make little to no money at all.

Why? Because they are impatient and give up too soon.

Don’t be that person.

Success is inevitable if you don’t give up.

My Recommended Affiliate Marketing Tools and Services

I will not only list the tools, but I will also tell you WHY from personal experience, I think these are the best tools to supercharge your business and give it the best chance of making money.

ALL the tools here have a lively Facebook group, excellent support and tutorial videos.

Make sure you check this page regularly, this page is refreshed with new and exciting tools often.


1. FB Traffic Machine

FBTrafficEngine - Build Facebook Group Fast

FaceBookTrafficMachine is My 2021 Facebook Group Method That Will Give You Daily Targeted Traffic.

This is my own training.

My method uses Facebook’s own properties and features to generate you free & targeted daily traffic.

  • discover the one hidden Facebook feature that gets you automated traffic
    (that not a lot of people know about)
  • how to create the “Snowball Effect” and let Facebook promote your group for free
  • how to get likes to your Facebook Page automatically
  • how get new members to your Facebook Group on autopilot
  • generate free traffic to your offers every day
  • 100% free method, no tools or software needed
  • copy my exact strategy

Watch my video below to see results:

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2. Yive (Your Instant Video Empire)

What is Yive?

Yive is the best tool available on the market to build your (YouTube) video empire.

  • Auto Video Creator & YouTube Uploader tool
  • Build your YouTube channels on autopilot
  • Create videos for any niche and purpose automatically
  • Create videos from blog posts and other content easily
  • Create videos with background music and voice-overs automatically
  • No need to have your face on video
  • Great support and Facebook User group

How Yive can be profitable for you

  • pump out many videos fully automated
  • it also uploads the videos for you automatically
  • quickly find and create content for your YouTube channels
  • use one video many times over
  • also use for Instagram, Facebook etc.
  • no more worries about video creation

Why you should try Yive

Everyone wants to be at the first page of Google and try to make this happen.

But why bother trying to compete with the masses?

Video is still very much underestimated and underused, because many people are still “afraid” to do anything with video for their business.

It’s much easier to write a blog post and put a few pictures there, and hope your post will rank in Google and get traffic among the millions of others trying to do the same.

YouTube has MUCH less competition, it is still possible to rank  a video in YouTube and Google and drive traffic to your website, products and services.

Yive makes all this possible for you. Video marketing can’t get easier than this.

It also has a lively Facebook group with many tips, tricks and uses to maximise the tool.

Yive Review and Tutorial Video

Watch my review video below to see how it works.

Have a Look >

3. Yive Rank

YiveRank is a ranking and backlinking tool to supercharge your rankings in Google and Youtube.

The Automated SEO Backlink Software that easily builds niche backlinks in multiple tiers automatically

It’s currently in Beta phase.

discover YiveRank >



4. Yive Site

YiveSite builds you SEO optimised websites fast and easy without the need for WordPress or hosting.

The Automated Website Builder that easily builds your web network empire.

Just register your domain, connect it to YiveSite and away you go.

Have a Look >

5. Keyword Atlas

What is Keyword Atlas?

Keyword Atlas is a powerful and innovative keyword tool that pulls and compares keyword data from 21 sources.

  • Keyword Generation Tool
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Longtail keyword generator Tool
  • Trending Keyword tool
  • Discover “hidden” low competition keywords
  • No monthly fees

Most kw tools give monthly volume & competition data, but this one also gives you trending keywords.

There are many on the market, and require a monthly fee.

This tool gives low competition tools which are trending and searched for NOW

More sources, such as Google Shopping (buyers!), trending products etc.

How Keyword Atlas is beneficial for you

Get trending and actually searched for keywords, regardless of search volume.

Many people blind themselves by looking at the monthly search volume and competition score doing keyword research.
(tools like UberSuggest, etc.)

However, Keyword Atlas pulls keywords for you that are actually trending and searched for right now, not just from google but many other sources like YouTube, Google Shopping and many others.

This means a given keyword may have a MUCH HIGHER SEARCH VOLUME RIGHT NOW for you to take advantage of.

It uses a unique weighted score of all these sources to present you with the best keywords to target.

For example:

The keyword “medical face masks for kids” may normally have a low search volume (eg. 100 a month) and is not very interesting.

However as you may well know, at this time these keywords are searched for in their 10.000s or more!
But this doesn’t show in the regular keyword tools.

With Keyword Atlas you can uncover MANY variations of this keyword which have a high search volume right now and almost no competition!

Are you getting the idea?

Titles and content ideas for your videos

Or for use with Yive (Auto Video Creation Tool)

Titles and content ideas for your blog posts
Use this tool for TRENDING and BUYER keywords (most searched for NOW).

Other uses:

  • Business (name) ideas
  • Website / Niche ideas
  • Video / YouTube Channel ideas
  • Google Shopping ideas
  • Product Ideas
  • Book Ideas

Why you should try Keyword Atlas:

If you are looking for a swiss army knife of keyword tools with no monthly fees, this is the best keyword tool for you.

Keyword Atlas Review and Tutorial Video

In my in depth video I will show you the capabilities of Keyword Atlas and how to use it to your advantage.

Have a Look >


Youtube Ranking System

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