Hi.  Thank you for purchasing my course. Just follow the videos in sequence as I show you things over my shoulder. Good luck and happy earnings!

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  • 1

    Intro & Overview

    1a - Intro. What is Simple Crypto Profits
    1b - Short proof video showing you what profits can be made to whet your appetite
    1c - Overview of the course (what to expect and do)

  • 2

    Bitcoin Wallet Setup

    How to setup your wallet for buying, sending, receiving and selling bitcoins.

  • 3

    Setup Bittrex Coin Exchange & Buy Bitcoins

    3a - How to sign up for Bittrex
    3b - How to buy bitcoins and transfer them to Bittrex

  • 4

    Strategies for profit

    Now you have everything setup ready to buy some coins, let's talk some strategies.

  • 5

    How to buy coins with Bittrex

    YES! Let's buy some coins now!

Recommended coins to start:
- Bitcoin
- Bitcoin Cash
- Nexus

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  • 6

    How to sell coins & withdraw the cash!

    6a - How to Sell coins in Bittrex
    6b - How to withdraw BTC from Bittrex
    6c - Proof of withdrawal (and transfer to your bank or use ATM 😉

  • 7

    Mining: Produce your own coins!

    Hardware & Cloud mining: The easiest, laziest method to earn with cryptocoins!

Genesis Mining

  • 8


    A must watch video about your safety and security.

  • 8

    Conclusion: What's next? (& TIPS)

    Now that you've got your feet wet, let's expand your horizon on multiple earning possibilities with cryptocurrencies!

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