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Eric Sminia
I am Eric Sminia, and thank you for joining my Passive Income Community!
I will help you build several small and easy to follow passive income streams and start living the life you want.
We work to live, we don’t live to work after all!

Time is the most valuable commodity, so what if you can earn money in your sleep and start enjoying life more!

This is passive income:
I will help you build small income streams (income machines) that will generate an income stream 24/7, even when you sleep.
Yes, it’s possible! I am doing it already, and I post regular proof here: >>Follow me on Instagram

Join me in my passive income building adventure and I will keep you posted with the latest updates on generating passive income for yourself such as tips, tricks, strategies, promotional tools, new programs etc.

Basically, there are 2 ways of earning passive income:

1. Invest a sum of money and let it work for you.

With these programs you just invest money, sit back and watch it grow daily.

I am not an advocate of revshare (clicking ads), matrixes or wildly high ROI schemes, I usually don’t promote them.

You can refer other people with your referral link and earn even more money, but it is NOT required!
However, there are a lot of scams and ponzis on the market, so be aware!The only trusted program I can recommend is my own, I run it with 2 others.

100% scamproof, no revshare, no referrals, just 100% passive income.
>>Watch This Video and Earn with the 100% Scam Proof H4 Passive Income Program.

Other investment programs I recommend other than my own:
(I have made a review / walkthrough video of each)


Bitcoin Resources

Users all over the world can use this great Bitcoin wallet, works fast and many funding features.
The solution to speeding up pending bitcoin transactions:
1- Go to
2- Enter TX Hash, enter the captcha, click on submit.
3- If you get the error (Submissions are beyond limit), try again at the beginning of each hour such as 20:00-21:00 etc.
You will see that your transaction will be confirmed in a few hours.
It is working like a charm.

Build a “funnel” by being an affiliate and make commissions

This is a lot of work, but it can pay you a steady income that will last and is absolutely scam proof.
Use Instagram, YouTube, Facebook to market your products, build a list and market to your list.

YouTube videos will stay on YouTube for years and give you a steady stream of traffic to your offers.

I am in particular a fan of marketing with Instagram and YouTube.

Why? Because Instagram has a much higher engagement rate than Facebook and videos on YouTube stick, ie. they will generate targeted visitors for your offers for years to come.

Access my promotional resources page here >>

Other programs and information:

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Please do not invest any money you cannot afford to lose!

Don’t go mad and just invest small sums, build them to small income streams. Eventually several Streams of Income will amount to a large one, and if one of more fails, you still have the others!

If you have any questions or comments, please connect with me:
> Talk to me on Skype: itpshelpdisc
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To Your Success!
Eric Sminia.