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Hi. I am Eric Sminia. Passive Income Geek.

I love creating passive income systems. I believe strongly in the concept “With Money You Can Create Money”.

However,  you may find that you have to invest in shady income systems that never reveal exactly how the income (return or ROI) is generated, or you have to invest large sums of money where it’s unsure if you ever see your money again.

So where is this money coming from?

Forex Trading, aka Foreign Currency Trading.

I have created a bot system (robot or EA) that trades on my behalf, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (the market is closed on weekends).

And it doesn’t matter if the market is in an up trend or down trend, money will be made either way.


Here’s how it works

You buy $50’s worth of Euros. (you can also use Bitcoin to deposit).

If the Euro rises in value bij 5%, you will hold $55 worth of Euros, so when you sell them you have made $5.

Then you wait until the value of the Euro drops and you will buy back $55 worth of Euros, then sell those Euros when the price rises again, making even more profit.

Instead of doing all this stuff manually, it will be all done for you.
Fully automatic on autopilot.


Money generation for everyone

To make this system available for everyone:

I designed it in such a way that you only have to invest one time $50
(or €50 if you live in Europe).

How much can I earn?

The return on your initial investment (ROI) is approximately  1 – 2% every trading day.

(there are 20 trading days a month), so you will earn approximately $ 0.50 to $1.00 every day.

The fun thing is, all trading is done completely automatic and fully transparent.

How can I monitor my earnings?

With a free app called Meta Trader 4 you can monitor the earnings your account live, 24/7.

Just search for Meta Trader 4 in the app store or play store, press the big “+” sign and enter your account details.


Nothing is hidden or vague

You can track your account live as it’s earning money for you.

There’s absolutely no dispute how the money is generated.

You can see it with your own eyes, live and in real time.

Please remember that on Saturday and Sunday the markets are closed, so no trading will be done (and no money will be generated)


Here is some proof


Balance: your current balance
Equity: the money you would have if all trades are closed
Deposit: your one time deposit of $50 (or € 50) in a CENT account (so $50 becomes $5.000 cent)

As you can see in the screenshot, from December 12th 2017 until December 19th 2017, $3000 cents were generated (which equates to $30)

Don’t worry about all this stuff, you don’t have to do anything yourself!


Yeah right… is this completely safe and legit?

There’s no way anyone can run away with your money, as you will register for a free account with an independent and certified broker.

I do not have access to your details, only you have.

The only thing you give to me is your trading account details (which gives no access to depositing or withdrawing money, it’s only for trading purposes)

Don’t worry, registration is easy and I will help you every step of the way (most steps are self explanatory anyway).

You can start to earn money within 24 hours!

Want to earn even more money fast?

Simple. Just deposit more!

You can deposit any amount you choose, the return will be the same (1 – 2% every trading day approx.)

Another way to earn more is to let your investment compound.

Compounding means you earn even more by also using the profits the system generates for you to earn you more money.

How does compounding work?

Read about compounding interest on Wikipedia
Use this free calculator to calculate your compounding earnings

How to deposit and withdraw your money

You can deposit and withdraw at any time in your broker members area using:
Mastercard / Visa, Neteller, Skrill and Bitcoin.

The preferred method is Skrill, sign up for a free Skrill account here (e-wallet)

What are the fees?

For balances up to $200:
$10 (or €10) a month

For balances $200 and over:
25% of your profits each month

Fees to be paid with Bitcoin, Neteller or Skrill e-wallet.

A friendly word of warning

My system is designed to be low risk, but not completely risk free.

However participation is 100% at your own risk.

Never invest any money you cannot afford to lose.

Don’t put your life savings into it or put your house at risk.

It should be fun!

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